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Tortillas and Injeras

Born in Tucson, Arizona, and raised in Sonora, Mexico, Chef Maria Mazon has a distinctly dual approach to her food. A strong advocate for authentic Mexican cuisine, she experiments frequently (and freely) with flavor, crafting a menu where salsas change daily and may include ingredients such as watermelon, peanut butter, whiskey, and—of course—chiles of varying heat levels.

Since opening BOCA Tacos y Tequilas in Tucson nearly 10 years ago, Mazon has made a name for herself thanks to her solid, often uniquely flavored tacos made using traditional Mexican methods—think python with corn tortillas (never fried) and topped with cabbage, not lettuce.* Along the way, both Mazon and BOCA have garnered acclaim on the Food Network and the Travel Channel, as well as in stories including those by The New York Times and USA Today.

In this episode of "This Is the Place I Was Telling You About," Mazon takes her wife, Lily, and friends Dan and Tara Gibson to sample tacos, brews and Ethiopian injera at her favorite downtown Tucson-area establishments.

In this episode:

* Non-adventurous diners need not worry: BOCA has plenty of beef, chicken, fish and plant-based options, too.

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